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– Every Story Has a Beginning

January 31st 2017 – discover how Little Boot Books got started, and how you can help!

– A Story on a Shoestring

January 31st 2017 – find out more about the process of how we made our very first book together.

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January 31st 2017

Every Story has a Beginning….

 by Becki Pantling – Manager of Little Boot Books


All projects start somewhere. This one started with a simple conversation – old friends catching up and finding out about what each other had been doing, how they were feeling, and what they were planning. Then, like all the best conversations, it took a rather exciting new direction when Alison told me she was thinking of writing a children’s book.

One year later (with the help of the super talented illustrator Samantha Theobald-Roe and brilliant composer Rachel Jamieson), we find ourselves on the brink of launching our very first book together – and we decided right from the beginning that we wanted to start getting as many little readers as possible to start tackling some big ideas!

So we’ve made the brave choice to start up on a shoestring – instead of asking you all to speculate on our work, we wanted you to be able to own some right away, and understand exactly what our vision is for helping your little readers through the power of stories and imagination.

That’s why you’re already able to buy our print books (through the magic of print-on-demand publishing from CreateSpace, since we’re too tiny to afford a warehouse!), and download our audiobooks too. We’ve even got an eBook on the way, for your tech-savvy little bookworms.

By choosing to support us at this stage, you’re directly contributing to a tiny team taking their first brave steps into the world of publishing. We’re here because we genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of our little readers, one page and one brave step at a time. We hope you’re here because you share that vision, and you’d like to support us in doing so – if that’s the case, please consider buying something for your little reader today. And if you’re feeling really lovely, please share the news about us with your friends!

Little Boot Books are now taking our first steps – and we look forward to sharing the journey with you. Thanks for being here right at the start.

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January 31st 2017

A Story on a Shoestring

by Alison Hanson, Author at Little Boot Books


We begin sharing stories with our children from the very earliest of days. I don’t mean the sort of stories found in the pages of a paperback… I’m talking about the everyday stories; the ones we craft for ourselves from landscapes, sound, even objects. As parents we become skilled at building character and intrigue from the most mundane corners of life. Perhaps you recognise the story of the peas that long to be eaten, or the toilet train that you don’t want to miss, or the puddle pinchers that like to eat brand new shoes!

As parents we constantly embody the role of a storyteller, navigating the magical nooks and crannies of life without even realising. My point is, I did not wake up one day and decide to begin writing children’s stories. Stories are a part of life between my daughter and I; they are the threads that bind the very fabric of our relationship. The real decision was choosing to share a little part of that with other people.

Unfortunately, the catalyst for choosing to publish a storybook was not a particularly happy occurrence. It came in the form of a strange beast, which we have come to know as Anxiety. It is a strange creature indeed; some days it visits (and rudely refuses to leave), whilst other days it disappears, only to turn up in the most unusual places! Along the road to understanding my daughter’s anxieties, stories became a kind of second language to us. Imagination became our defence in this beastly battle, and I was sure we weren’t the only ones fighting. What better way to connect with others experiencing similar situations then, than through writing a story of my own?

I tucked this idea away in my back pocket for a while (along with the regular parental debris of squashed raisins and discarded wet wipes). It was fortunate that I stumbled into conversation with two wonderfully creative friends, who shared enthusiasm for my idea: Samantha Theobald-Roe (our now illustrator) and Becki Pantling (our now project manager and general guru). Sam’s back pocket was all stained from leaky pens and hidden fragments of chalk, whilst Becki’s pockets were wonderfully organised into a filofax of impressive business knowledge. Complementing each other rather well, we put our best wellies forward and began Little Boot Books, publishing our first Mandy and Mitch story literally on a shoestring. Hurrah!

It’s a wonderfully romantic tale of three young women braving the world together, waving a flag for early reading in one hand, and a flag for emotionally intelligent child-rearing in the other. But what I hope you take most from this particular article is that stories can, and are, created from thin air everyday. We are all uniquely qualified to tell stories, and exercising this knowledge has certainly helped me to navigate the world of child-rearing, through rough patches and smooth.

At Little Boot Books, we truly believe that imagination is one of the best tools we have, whatever our beastly battles, in envisaging a future where every child has a chance of braving the world in boots brimming with confidence, creativity and self-belief.

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