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– Feelings Flags

(A fun craft activity that celebrates the things that make you happy – great for a rainy day!)

– Mindfulness Colouring

(colouring for you and your little artists!)

– Worry Bubbly

(fun with bubbles!)

– Growing in Confidence

(a little gardening challenge!)

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Feelings Flags

My daughter loves walking (…well, usually running) around the house whilst waving the only flag we own – a small British flag bought on a trip to London. It seems like one of life’s small satisfactions for a young child and, as it seems to make her particularly happy, flags have become the inspiration for our latest Little Boot Books activity:

You will need:

  • Paper
  • A stick – this could be a straw, lollipop stick, a stick from the garden…whatever you can find!
  • Sticky tape
  • Colouring pencils/felt tips


  • A collection of magazines for cutting
  • Photos (that you don’t mind being cut up and glued)
  • Glue and scissors
  1. Create the basic flag by sticking your piece of paper to your stick; you may need to cut the paper to size. Make one each for you and your child(ren).
  2. Talk about the things that make you happy, supporting each other to think of ideas that will eventually decorate your individual flags. It’s important that you (the adult) join in with this too, so that the child(ren) can develop their awareness that everybody has feelings and that different things make different people happy.
  3. Once you’ve come up with some ideas, you can begin to draw these things onto your flag. By the end of the activity, the flag will be covered with all the things that make each individual feel good. If you have old photos and magazines to cut up, then get sticking!

Perhaps your child would like to make a flag for someone who is absent when they have finished their own. This could be a good exercise in ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’… or boots!

Once the flags are dry, celebrate your happiness! You might turn on some music and do a flag dance; march around the house waving your flags; or simply display them somewhere special as a reminder of those happy things in your lives.


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Mindfulness Colouring


Mindfulness colouring is a wonderful, creative way of relieving stress and anxiety, so why not put aside some quiet time to share this with your child? Download our colouring sheets for adults and children now and enjoy quality, calm time from the comfort of your home.

Little Boot Books mindfulness tips:

  • Transform your busy home into a haven of calm by creating a little cosy spot for you and your child to enjoy the activity. Add cushions, blankets and even fairy lights to show that this is a special place/time for you to be together, away from technology and mobile phones.
  • If you own a copy, start by reading ‘Mandy and Mitch and the Big Brave Boots’, or cuddle up and listen to the audiobook (find out where to buy that here). This will support you in beginning a conversation about feelings of worry, and how to let the worries go, which you can continue as you colour.
  • Get out the ‘very special pencils’ to help your child focus into the colouring, and play relaxation background music.
  • Don’t expect your child to stick with the activity for hours. 10 minutes of colouring can seem like a long time to our mini-ones! If you have bubble mixture handy, you can close your mindfulness session by helping your child to blow any worry bubbles away. See our Worry Bubbly activity for more guidance.


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Worry Bubbly

You will need…a pot of bubbles!

Find a calm spot (preferably outside) and cuddle up with Mandy and Mitch – And the Big Brave Boots. Read the book all the way through; read it a second time, discussing the pictures as you go; read it a third time…in fact, as many times as you like! Children love repetition, and the more you provide opportunity for discussion, the better. Here are some discussion points to get you started:

• What do you think is happening in the pictures?

• What is worrying Mitch?

• How did Mandy help Mitch?

• What does it mean to share a worry?

• Have you ever felt a worry in your tummy before?

• When I have a worry, it feels like…

Now, here’s where the bubbles come in… Having become familiar with the book, you may reach a point at which your child is able to relate the story to their own worries. As you discuss any feelings of anxiety, imagine that each worry is a bubble. Blow the bubbles out into the air, stamping and popping the worries away together. Or, simply lie back and watch your worries float into the sky, popping as they go.


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Growing in Confidence


You will need…

  • A Brave Boot (colourful welly)
  • Seed of your choice*
  • Potting compost
  • Basic gardening tools (you might want gloves, a trowel, etc – anything to help you fill a pot and plant some seeds!)

One of our greatest endeavors as parents/carers is to provide foundations which will allow our children to feel confident in themselves and their environment, and to develop vital independence. Helping an anxious child to develop that independence however, can be a tricky (and sometimes hopeless) task. The following activity is intended to become a routine that your child(ren) can look forward to, take charge of, and ultimately complete independently without adult assistance. The aim is to encourage baby steps in confidence growth, and you can discuss this with your child as you see appropriate. It may help to contextualize the activity by re-visiting Mandy and Mitch – And the Big Brave Boots, discussing what it means to be brave and/or confident.

  • Take a Brave Boot of your child’s choosing (a brightly coloured welly is ideal) and a seed.
  • Plant the seed, using your Brave Boot as the plant pot. Allow your child(ren) to take charge of this process, handling all the equipment as independently as possible.
  • Store your child-friendly planting equipment in an accessible place, ensuring all chemicals and harmful substances are kept out of reach.
  • Make it explicit that tending the growth of this plant will be your child’s special job…the plant will only grow for them!
  • Schedule the daily watering at the same time every day, as part of your routine. It is vital that your child has ownership over this project, so let them take the lead. Eventually, you may like to support your child(ren) to take photos, do leaf rubbings, create drawings of the plant etc, in celebration of their achievement.
    *Seeds that grow small plants that germinate easily will be the best choices for this activity. For edible plants, think radishes or mustard and cress, for small bulbs try crocuses, and for flowers try marigolds!

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