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The team at Little Boot Books came together with one goal in mind – using stories to tell little readers about big ideas. We really are only a tiny operation, and we hope you’ll agree that what we lacked in start-up budget, we’ve made up for with buckets of hard work and enthusiasm.

For projects like this one to survive and succeed, we rely on the support of those who share our aims, and see the potential in our work. We hope the fact that you’re here means you’re one of those wonderful supporters – and we’d like to thank you for your interest in what we do.

Hi, I’m Alison – the author in our Little Boot Books family! I like to think of my role as that of storyteller, threading together the words that will eventually communicate our stories to little readers.

My background includes working as an Early Years Drama Practitioner and supporting learning in schools… not to forget my most important job, being a mummy to my beautiful daughter. My experiences both as a parent and an Early Years Practitioner have been poured into our Mandy and Mitch adventures, inspired by a love and hope for our future generations.

Well hey, Sam here! The wonderful Becki brought me into the Little Boot Books family to translate Alison’s wonderful vibrant characters into wonderfully vibrant illustrations. I’ve been painting and drawing as long as I can remember.

When I first read Alison’s story, Mandy and Mitch both exploded into my imagination, full of the vibrancy and life I’ve tried to capture in these books. I think Mandy and Mitch are charming, wonderful, characters and I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to life!

Hello! I’m Becki, and it’s my job to bring Mandy and Mitch to life by turning Alison, Samantha and Rachel’s amazing work into the products you can find here! I’ve spent the last few years running all sorts of projects and making marketing materials – everything from directing short films to designing logos.

When Alison first told me about her idea, I couldn’t wait to start helping her with all the little pieces that make a project like this come together – assembling the team, editing the book, recording the audiobook… and then telling the world all about it!

Hey! I’m Rachel and I wrote the music for Mandy and Mitch. I have been a composer for a couple of years now and have worked on lots of films, short films and commercial projects in that time.

As soon as Becki told me about the project and the story behind it, I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I’ve had so much fun getting to know Mandy and Mitch and really enjoyed trying to capture some of their personality in music. This was my first go at scoring an audiobook and I have to say I loved every minute of it!